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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.06  Clothing for wheelchair users

Clothing for wheelchair users

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.25  Raincoats, thermo-clothing, heatable-clothing

Raincoats, thermo-clothing, heatable-clothing

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.27  Safety belts, positioning and restraint systems

Safety belts, positioning and restraint systems

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.15  Seats, cushions, moulded seats and accessories

Seats, cushions, moulded seats and accessories

  • 10  Travel, leisure, sports and recreation
  • 10.04  Aids for vacation and travel

Aids for vacation and travel

Our products

Product category: Clothing for wheelchair users

3 in 1 jacket

Breathable, wind and water proof outer jacket. Thermolite Pro inner jacket. Combined they withstand any kind of weather. Our Jackets fit perfectly on a seated posture. 3 jackets in 1 will get you through each season. The best performance available in clothing for a seated position.

Our 3 in 1 jacket means: A breathable, wind and waterproof outershell with taped seams and welded pockets. It will withstand any kind of weather. An inner Thermolite Pro jacket, which you can use year round, whenever you feel chilled. And a full on Outdoor/Winter jacket when outer- and inner jacket are connected and worn simultaneously.

1. The collar of our jacket has about 12 degree more slope then a normal jacket.
2. More space between the shoulder blades.
3. Extra armlenght to keep the wrists covered when reaching out, or for a more comfortable hand bike ride.
4. The lower arm sleeve and wrist cuff are tted, to keep the sleeves away from wheels/ rims and hand palms.
5. Cross-centre pockets are entered from the middle and then to the side. Nothing can fall out and they pro- vide a much slicker look then uffy side pockets.
6. A very well tted hood. The hood is made to keep vi- son to all directions. Rather than hiding in the hood like it is for so many outdoor jackets. You need to see where you’re heading. With the extra adjuster at the backside you can tune your sight to the maximum.
7. Sleeve protect. An extra durable layer is laminated on top of the fabric on the inside of the lower arm. It highly enhances the durability of the jacket. The reinforcement runs all the way, up to the very end of the wrist cuff.
8. Laser pockets with welded in zippers and embossed zipper garage.
9. On the outer jacket all seams are taped.
10. Laser eyelets and elastic tightropes.
11. Subtile re ective prints.
12. Magnetic storm ap closure.
13. The inner jacket has insulation or exibility where it’s needed. The chest and shoulders are covered with Thermolite Pro 120grams. The lower back (where the backrest is) use stretch materials for maximum range of movement.

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Product category: Clothing for wheelchair users


These jeans are made for sitting and that’s just what they’ll do:) And…. for good looking and for a super comfortable fit, off course! Maybe our best example of where we want to excel in comfort, fit, performance & looks. Jeans like you never experienced before. 
  • Double stretch denim
  • ‘Fork’ fit, this means the cut is made for users with the knees together. Our jeans are made to ride a chair, not a horse.
  • No elastic webbings or bungee ropes. They would only make up for an inadequate fit. 
  • double stretch denim
  • jeans pockets can be reached and used from a seated position
  • canted cuff. More length on the backside ensure our jeans cover the ankles properly and make it look good.
  • The backside of our jeans is kept as flat as workable; the mid-seam is a flat chino seam and we cancelled the inner liner on the back yoke
  • Obviously no back pockets 
Our Regular/ tapered Jeans styles is named the ‘Carrot’. 
  • The Carrot Shape. 
A regular waist that gradually flows to a narrower ankle. 
Also good for the eyes. 
Our Slim Jeans Styles are called the ‘Ostrich’ 
Available from size 26 till 38, excluding size 27,35,37 
  • The Ostrich Shape. 
A regular waist that quickly transfers to a narrow leg width. 
It’s a ‘No-brainer’. 
From size 24 till 34 excluding size 25

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Product category: Clothing for wheelchair users

Kangaroo Pullover

This ultra soft and light pullover is the most comfortable piece of garment you ever owned. It’s plain and simple and a revolutionary jump forward in Pullover design for a seated posture.  
Less is more !
The pullover is in many ways a ‘bit’ more, the only thing less is the front length. The front length is less to spare you the fluffy belly look. For the rest, a bit more length between the shoulders, a bit more length on the arms, a bit more fit on the lower arm and wrist-cuff.        The front pocket is a lot more use-full though, easy to reach, closes by itself and nothing will fall out.  
  • A fuller cut around the shoulders for complete comfort. 
  • Light and stretches
  • Ultra soft feel and just enough warmth. 
  • Superb Stretch and recovery for the waist and wrist cuffs.
  • Kangaroo pocket with MGNTC closure.
  • Designed for a seated position 
265grams, 57% Cotton and 43% Polyester.

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Product category: Raincoats, thermo-clothing, heatable-clothing


Raindek® (short) 
The Raindek is a quick and easy solution; it’s a rain jacket for the legs. It will keep the legs, crotch and cushion dry. This version cuddles the knees, after use the Raindek® can be folded into its own pocket to store it nicely.  
Raindek® (long) 
The Raindek is a quick and easy solution; it’s a rain jacket for the legs. It will keep the legs, crotch and cushion dry. This long version runs up to the ankle. For the long version, we trust you use proper shoes, we don’t cover the feet on purpose.  
The Raindek® is made of breathable, wind and waterproof material. Its seams are taped and the product is finished as a high end outdoor garment should be.  
After use the Raindek® can be folded into its own pocket to store it nice and dry.  
-Breathable wind- and waterproof material 
-Taped seams 
-Welded laser pocket. 
-Laser eyelets and elastic tight rope. 
-Adjustable 20mm webbing with quick release buckles. 
-Reflective logo print. 
-Hanger loop 
-Silicon Grip print on elastic strap 

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Product category: Raincoats, thermo-clothing, heatable-clothing

Raincape Plus - blue

It’s about time you were able to go outside in the rain, without looking like a tent on wheels. Raindek® is easy on, easy off, in a matter of seconds. All by yourself. Once it’s stopped raining, it folds away nicely into a little bag.

For the especially rainy days (we’re from Holland so we know all about those) we’ve made a long version of the Raindek®. It keeps you dry, right down to your ankles. So also when it’s really pooring, we’ve got you covered.

Get out there and get those wheels wet! And look good doing it.

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Product category: Safety belts, positioning and restraint systems

2-Point Hip Belt single adjustable

The Kinetic Balance pelvic belts come with two padded sections to ensure user comfort and proper pressure distribution. The nylon straps have been worked neatly into the padded sections. The padded parts are made of high-quality materials and are dirt and water-resistant.

The measurements are marked clearly on the inside of the belt and the trim strip on the nylon straps ensures correct symmetric settings, even when the practitioner is situated behind the device. This also means you can use this to determine and check your adjustments.

Every client and every issue is unique, and so is every positioning requirement. We can therefore offer you a tailored solution in a variety of ways.

The device should impact the client as little as possible and the client also needs continuous monitoring in terms of our product’s settings and positioning in order to create the optimal result.

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Product category: Safety belts, positioning and restraint systems

Chest Belt

Non-flexible chest positioning. Comes in various sizes.

For use with:
  • Very low muscle tone
  • Scoliosis
  • Extensor spasms

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Company news




Sep 17, 2018

New website will be live on the 24th of September

Breaking news:-). The new website will be live on the Monday before the Rehacare. Go check it out, see you at the Rehacare!

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‘Kinetic Balance’ has been providing its fresh take on positioning since its inception in 2004. Kinetic Balance products are detail-oriented and set themselves apart from the competition thanks to their unique features.

Kinetic Balance is designing clothing since 2016. Our new product range will be presented at the Rehacare. Our core value is performance, we are design driven. We design clothing for seated people to serve, comfort, fit, performance and looks. Our ambition is to change the world of clothing for seated people. 

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