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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.05  Other furnishing
  • 03.05.11  Stair climber
  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.04  Electric wheelchairs and power wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs and power wheelchairs

Our products

Product category: Stair climber

Belted stair climber Jolly Standard

The perfect tool
The belted stair climber Jolly is the ideal solution for straight stairways. No wall mounting neccessary. The patient is transported together with the wheelchair, so it is not requisite to change seat. An operating person directs the stair climber.

Easy manoeuvring on plains and landings by use of the wheels. On stairs the device is easily operated by push buttons.

Small and compact, can be used in narrow staircases. A large range of adjustable accessories helps to carry many different wheel chair types.

Technical information
Maximum weight to be transported (passenger + wheelchair): 130 kg
A reinforced version for up to 150 kg is available.

Minimum space required on landings:
97 x 97 cm

Weight: 52 kg

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Product category: Stair climber


Straight and curved stairs
The stair climber Scoiattolo 2000 can pass spiral and curved staircases as it gets over straight and trapezoidal steps. With its very small turning radius it can be applied even on small staircases.
Comfortable and ergonomic
The comfortable, anatomically contoured seat is permanently attached to the climbing device. Available in two widths, S (small) and L (wide). An operating person directs the stair climber. Very smooth climbing movement, since the action is being performed by a triangular wheel construction.
Even more comfort with joystick
The stair climber is available with and without joystick, which is an additional equipment. It enables the passenger to drive on planes in autonomy.

Configuration Stair climber Scoiattolo 2000

Electronically controlled movement
Emergency-off button
Automatic brakes
Capacity: 1350 steps in standard conditions
Climbing velocity 3 sec per step
Battery charge indicator
Maximum weight to be transported 120 kg
Step height from 4 to 20 cm
On request version for step height of up to 24 cm available
Maximum stair inclination on straight staircase 40 °, i.e. 84 %

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Product category: Electric wheelchairs and power wheelchairs


Comfortable for your home and office
Suprema is a comfortable and silent rolling chair for interior use. It helps the user in everyday situations, when otherwise human help would be needed. It also supports the integration of handicapped people in working surroundings.
Long life
All models are equipped with two batteries for longer using terms and greater autonomy. The machine switches automatically from one battery to the other. Charging of the batteries is easily done on the electrical socket.
Adjustable in height
The seat can be lowered to a far extent so as to enable the user to pick up things lying on the floor. On the other hand the seat can rise as far as to for instance enable the passenger to take out objects from a shelve.

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About us

Company details

TGR – more than35 years of research for mobility and independence
TGR stair climbers create an approach to locations and institutions otherwise inaccessible to persons in a wheel chair. The devices are mobile and do not need to be installed permanently.

We offer different models and a vast range of accessories so as to offer a solution to nearly every problem. Being small and compact our machines can be transported by car.

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