Changzhou Qianjing Rehabilitation Co., Ltd.

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.03  Excercise therapy
  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.04  Equipment for movement, strenght-training and balance-training

Equipment for movement, strenght-training and balance-training

Our products

Product category: Equipment for movement, strenght-training and balance-training

AP-ZXQ-11Leg Trainer

Active&Passive Exerciser allows you to exercise your legs and upper body –both with and without motorised assistance. You can perform motor-operated (passive), motor-assisted or active movement training (using your own muscle power) with just one device from the comfort of your chair, armchair or wheelchair.

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Product category: Excercise therapy

AP-ZXQ-10Arm and Leg Rehabilitation Trainer

360°Rotatable LCD screen
180°Rotatable pratice arm
175mm height adjustment
Roller locking and opening automaticly

Features and Functions
Upper and lower limb rehabilitation trainer can be used for rehabilitation training of upper and lower limb. For the people who want to keep energetic (have preventive treatment) or want to rehabilitate after surgical injury, especially for those who already have certain strength and endurance, the regular and continuous rehabilitation training with this machine can improve the mobility of limbs to a certain extent.

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Product category: Equipment for movement, strenght-training and balance-training

C-ZLJ-04Child Standing Frame

Dimensions (Length × Width × Height):
97cm×68 cm×(70~93)cm
Single knee rest adjustment distance (front and back):4.5cm
Single abdominal pad and brassiere pad adjustment distance(left and right):7cm
Table board dimensions: 46cm×30cm
Table board height adjustment range:62cm~85 cm(relative to foot pedal)
Desk board inclination angle range: 0°~45°
Holder inclination angle range: 0°~35°
Foot pedal load capacity:1600N
Table board and hip ties load capacity:800N
Waist and leg ties load capacity:400N

Features and Functions
Product usage:
Perform standing training for children (3-7 years old)
Features and Functions:
1.Desk board height is adjustable, suitable for children with different heights
2.Desk board angle of inclination is adjustable, convenient for children to read
3.Holder angle of inclination is adjustable, easy to adjust, and to achieve a comfortable posture.
4.Easy to move with the foot truckle
5.Easy to fasten the body, with ties and pad in chest, abdomen, and knees part
6.Easy to fasten, with ties in foot part.


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About us

Company details

June 2015

Qianjing completed the shareholding system transformation, and officially renamed as Changzhou Qianjing Rehabilitation Corp. ,Limited.


Qianjing built the "advanced rehabilitation technology research institute".


Qianjing gathered the top team, and continuously expanded and subdivided the fields of rehabilitation, and further developed the health industry, seeking to achieve multi-win situation with its industry partners

June 2014

Qianjing has become the first domestic rehabilitation industry to be rated as the national credit in performing the contract.


The R & D center and the fourth plant expanded.


As the host, Qianjing supported the "six high-level rehabilitation academic conference forum", in which thousands of experts participated.  The business model of promoting product upgrade through academic research was approved.

June 2013

As the core national rehabilitation brand in the industry, Qianjing participated in the seventh World Congress (ISPRM 2013) by Beijing "International Physics and Rehabilitation Medicine Association.”


The R & D and industrialization of the project of "interactive AR integrated rehabilitation robot and industrialization" was rated as an achievement transformation project by the Jiangsu Province.  The company's scientific and technological management stepped to a new level

January 2013

The ERP system was successfully launched, and the enterprise information management began to implement officially.


Authorized by the Jiangsu Province, Qianjing established rehabilitation equipment engineering technology center, in which the R & D strength took the lead in the industry.

May 8, 2012

Qianjing set up Shanghai Jing and Ji Chuang Robot Co., Ltd., and launched the first "multi-position intelligent rehabilitation training robot system" with independent intellectual property rights. The resources integration achieved early results.


The “second venture" has become the top strategic business priority, with the clear aim to transform comprehensively to be modern rehabilitation enterprise.


Qianjing was elected as the member of standing committee of the Rehabilitation Auxiliary Association of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the guest director unit of the CDPF Welfare Foundation.  With years of efforts, Qianjing has won unanimous approval from the government and the society.

September 30, 2009

Qianjing worked out the GB 24436-2009 "rehabilitation training equipment safe operation requirements” with the joint efforts of the National Rehabilitation Equipment Quality Inspection Center, and China Rehabilitation Research Center. Qianjing also participated in drafting the national standard of the industry.


Qianjing expanded its fields in children's rehabilitation and special education and completed the multi-channel strategic blueprint.

December 2008

Qianjing won the honor of “famous brand in Jiangsu Province”, with the product market competitiveness and reputation upgraded to a new level.


The company headquarters moved to Wujin national hi-tech industrial development zone, after which the company scale expanded rapidly.

December 2003

Qianjing won the honor of “well-known trademarks” in Changzhou City, achieving product market competitiveness and reputation.

June 21, 2002

Jiangsu Qianjing Medical Devices Co., Ltd., was set up and the product line extended from the basic rehabilitation to medical rehabilitation.


Qianjing successfully developed "balance function inspection training system" with Nanjing University and officially started the cooperation of producing, learning and researching.


Qianjing set up the first session of domestic professional rehabilitation training courses with the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine.

November 15, 1996

Changzhou Qianjing Rehabilitation Co., Ltd. founded in Lijia Town, Wujin District and launched the first electric upright bed in China.

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