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REHACARE 2018 fairground map: Hall 5

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  • 02  Apprenticeship, workplace and occupation
  • 02.12  Pedagogic software and trainging software

Pedagogic software and trainging software

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.01  Aids for visually impaired and blind persons
  • 05.01.05  Navigation systems and orientation aids

Navigation systems and orientation aids

  • 10  Travel, leisure, sports and recreation
  • 10.01  Barrier free accomodation and destinations

Barrier free accomodation and destinations

  • 10  Travel, leisure, sports and recreation
  • 10.03  Leisure facilities

Leisure facilities

  • 12  Associations, organisations, nursing residents, services
  • 12.12  Other organisations, institutions

Our products

Product category: Barrier free accomodation and destinations, Leisure facilities, Other organisations, institutions


‘Hospitality for All’ cannot be brought down to only enabling wheelchair access. The overall service and the approach we take should include everyone: families with young kids, those who have temporary disabilities, those who require a special diet, those who have different cultural expectations and of course those with hearing, seeing and learning disabilities, chronic illnesses, allergies, and movement difficulties. We should include these people without letting them face any sort of discrimination, labeling or isolation.

50 million individuals with special needs travel in Europe every year, and 300 million travels across the globe. Our goal is to end the inaccessibility in our country due to the weaknesses in our accessibility reports – therefore we prepared this guide as a step to ending this situation. Turkey is a top destination but needs to be more accessible and disability-friendly.

With the Design for All and Turkish Healthcare Travel Council cooperation we published 2000 English booklets and distributed them free of charge.

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Product category: Other organisations, institutions


We set off with the thought in mind “The lack of education is our most important problem” as a disabled coworker once said.

The Discover Your Potential project is organized by AYDER under the leadership of Projects for Life, and with partnership with various companies. The aim of the project is to train individuals with different disabilities in areas needed by the private industries, to help them develop themselves, and secure their employment.

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Product category: Other organisations, institutions

Dreams Academy, Kaş: 12 Themes in 12 Weeks – Best Buddies Turkey

4th guest at Dreams Academy, Kaş campus, where “12 Themes in 12 Weeks” programme is being held, was Best Buddies Turkey with “New Cities, New Alternatives!” slogan. Alternative Camp and Workshop week was held between July 2 – 7 with attendance of Best Buddies Turkey, participant of one of the biggest volunteer networks.


Best Buddies’ mission is to eliminate barriers faced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in social and business life under the “social problems” framework. Right now, Best Buddies Turkey has active Friendship programmes in 5 different cities. During the workshop week, current implementation and Project Dynamics of Best Buddies Turkey was discussed by participants, volunteers, faculty advisors, program and project coordinators from Istanbul, Edirne, Lüleburgaz and Bergama. Potential “new cities” and “programme” implementations was primary concern and other countries from international platform was evaluated as examples.

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About us

Company details

Alternative Life Association (abbreviated as AYDER in Turkish) is an organization established to provide alternative services and innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the disabled and disadvantaged social groups. AYDER addresses disability, proposes solutions for those with disabilities and develops a range of innovative and sustainable projects. Our main purpose is to contribute to the vision of an “Accessible Turkey”.

AYDER has taken the necessary steps in achieving the ideal of an “Accessible Turkey” ever since it was founded in 2002. It has developed several innovative and sustainable projects and has become a platform that integrates disabled and socially disadvantaged people into society and enables their economic integration as both producers and consumers.

Even if AYDER was officially founded in 2002, it has planned and carried out numerous innovative projects such as Diving is Freedom (1997), Alternative Camp (1997), Reha Istanbul Fair (2004), Barrier-Free Tourism (2006), and Dreams Academy (2008). AYDER was also the first NGO to sign the UN Global Compact initiative.


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