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REHACARE 2018 hall map (Hall 3): stand D32

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REHACARE 2018 fairground map: Hall 3

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Product categories

  • 08  Orthopedic aids
  • 08.03  Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

  • 08  Orthopedic aids
  • 08.04  Orthopedic shoes and heels

Orthopedic shoes and heels

  • 08  Orthopedic aids
  • 08.07  Hip orthoses and hip abduction orthoses

Hip orthoses and hip abduction orthoses

  • 08  Orthopedic aids
  • 08.08  Spinal orthoses

Spinal orthoses

Our products

Product category: Orthopedic shoes and heels

Anatomical insoles "Sport"

Insole for sport and summer shoes. The laying of the longitudinal arches, the metatarsal roller and the soft disk in the heel area of SPORT correctly distribute the load on the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot, prevent the action of excessive and shock loads. Covering the insole of synthetic fabric allows excessive moistureto be absorbed by a layer of latex. Due to their thinness, the insole Sport can easily fit in any shoes. SPORT INSERTS are not a medical device. Consult your doctor about possible contraindications.

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Product category: Hip orthoses and hip abduction orthoses

Splint Koshlja

The functional orthopedic splint Koshlya / Voloshin (patent No. 2152219 of 27.07.1998) is intended for the treatment of dysplasia of the hip joints; conservative correction of dislocation and subluxation of the thigh. The tire provides the hip dilatation and the center of the femoral head while at the same time allowing the child to carry out active movements in the hip joints. This favorably affects the blood supply to the joint, maintaining the tone of the surrounding muscles. The splint does not limit the performance of hygienic and physiotherapeutic procedures, ultrasound, X-ray examination. Assign a splint from the first month of life.

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Product category: Spinal orthoses

Corset BS 224

Elastic corset with 4 ribs to the lumbar region.

Average degree of fixation.

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Orthopedic center and shops of orthopedic products and footwear

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