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REHACARE 2018 hall map (Hall 4): stand C25

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REHACARE 2018 fairground map: Hall 4

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Apprenticeship, workplace and occupation
  • 02.03  Work chairs and stools

Work chairs and stools

  • 02  Apprenticeship, workplace and occupation
  • 02.08  Office furniture

Office furniture

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.02  Area of living and sleeping room
  • 03.02.12  Chairs


  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.03  Area of kitchen, bath and toilet
  • 03.03.10  Kitchen furniture, up and down movable

Kitchen furniture, up and down movable

  • 04  Aids for children
  • 04.02  Furniture, fittings for kids

Furniture, fittings for kids

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.04  Electric wheelchairs and power wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs and power wheelchairs

  • 11  Physical training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • 11.01  Ergonomic equipment

Ergonomic equipment

Our products

Product category: Kitchen furniture, up and down movable

Kitchen work

Kitchen work can be difficult for people with disabilities, such as poor balance, reduced strength and mobility in muscles and joints, or pain. 

They may have difficulties standing at the kitchen table without support or standing for longer periods of time. It may be impossible for them to reach the top cupboards, down to the washing machine or to work at the kitchen table at the height required for precision or work requiring strength.

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Product category: Work chairs and stools

Standing work

Standing work, either in the workplace or at home, can be very challenging for people with disabilities due to pain, reduced strength in the legs or poor balance. For this reason, it is important to find alleviating work postures so that you will be able to carry out your tasks as well as possible. 

Therefore, it is important to look at the type of tasks to be performed, the nature of the work environment and the specific disability. For example, does the workplace require switching between standing and sitting work postures or is it a workplace with standing work only?

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Product category: Furniture, fittings for kids

Children's Chairs

With a VELA Children’s chair, it is possible to ’grow’ with the chair and get special adaptions - for a perfect fit for children and adolescents.

VELA Children’s chairs will truly grow with the user. The unique back adjustment allows the seat depth to increase as the child grows. Should the user grow out of the existing seat then simply replace the seat pad for the next size up - same applies with our backrests. Our modular system allows for accessories/supports to be added retrospectively should the need occur.

The easy reach Central Brake promotes user independence and safety. The contoured seating system with memory foam helps prevent sacral sitting & the 4-point belt helps with hip alignment. A selection of supportive backrests and adjustable armrests help the child stay focused and supported whilst in class or at home.

The ergonomic seat and backrest systems from VELA are specifically designed for children and provides an optimal sitting comfort, as both the backrest and seat can be adjusted to suit the individual child.

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About us

Company details

About VELA
VELA is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by Vermund Larsen. VELA has its head office in Aalborg and its own R&D department as well as production, upholstery workshop, sales and marketing departments.

Chairs built with care and precision
VELA’s R&D department is focused on optimising safety, functionality and design in collaboration with our therapists, who always ensure ergonomic comfort for the users. We take a high level of wear and tear into consideration, when making our chairs. VELA always uses quality materials, e.g. durable mechanical parts. VELA upholster the chairs with fabrics that are long term wear-resistant, so the chairs will look nice and be serviceable for many years.

All VELA chairs are manufactured in Denmark. For this reason we offer the fastest delivery times on the market. We do not manufacture the chair until it has been ordered, which always allows customisations.

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