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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.03  Aids for speaking and speech impaired persons
  • 05.03.05  Software for augmentative communication

Software for augmentative communication

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.04  Telecommunication aids
  • 05.04.03  Telecommunication software

Telecommunication software

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.04  Telecommunication aids
  • 05.04.04  Dialing aids for telecommunication

Dialing aids for telecommunication

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.05  Computer and aids for using computers
  • 05.05.03  Aids for keyboard control
  • 05  Communication
  • 05.05  Computer and aids for using computers
  • 05.05.05  Alternative input devices
  • 05  Communication
  • 05.05  Computer and aids for using computers
  • 05.05.06  Software for the modification of input and output

Software for the modification of input and output

  • 05  Communication
  • 05.05  Computer and aids for using computers
  • 05.05.09  Speech input and speech control systems
  • 05  Communication
  • 05.06  Entertainment electronics
  • 05.06.01  Remote controls

Remote controls

Our products

Product category: Alternative input devices, Aids for keyboard control

DialoQ Switch – accessibility software

DialoQ Switch is a versatile, switch controlled accessibility software for Windows devices that allows opening and controlling applications, mouse pointer movement, text input, communication and environmental control –  using a wired or wireless switch or voice controlled switch.

The application features a communication mode that enables text or sentence based messaging when speaking or communication ability is limited. Every function can be spoken aloud using speech synthesis even during scanning – so it’s possible to use DialoQ Switch even if user cannot see the device display or cannot read the text description.

For user to get attention DialoQ Switch includes build-in alarm which can be launched either using configured switch or from keyboard when running in communication mode.

With DialoQ Switch it’s also possible to use environmental control. For example user is able to control motorized beds, lights, TV and alarms with configured switch or switches. Application is designed to work even with one switch only. Thus the user only needs one operational muscle or voluntary voice-print to use the computer, to communicate, and to control home appliances.

The application is highly customizable for personal preference and capability in terms of actions, delays and presentation. User can easily set own preferences for computer usage, scanning or switch delays.

Compatible Switches:

any standard wired ability switch with suitable USB adapter (for example JoyCable, SwitcheroO V2 )
wireless switches like Kajo-button or Kajo Arch with Eldat RX09
Compatible Environmental Control:

Easywave with Eldat RX09
Z-Wave and RF 433MHz Tellstick
BJ 433MHz with BJ Live
IR with IRTrans or BJ Live

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Product category: Speech input and speech control systems

DialoQ Mobile Phone Assistant

DialoQ Mobile is the only accessibility software available that supports Finnish language speech recognition, provides assistance to smart phone and home appliance use, and supports several different phone models. With DialoQ Mobile smart phone and home appliances can be operated remotely using a wake-up word and speech commands.

DialoQ Mobile is a speaker independent solution, meaning the user is not required to teach the software his or her own speech. If necessary, speech recognition can be adjusted to the user’s specific voice, i.e. for weakened or slurred speech.

People who can benefit the most from using DialoQ Mobile are the ones with physical disabilities, for example, people with limited or no use of their hands. DialoQ is also suitable for people with impaired vision, and for the elderly. Using the application doesn’t require fine motor skills for button pressing, or even seeing the device display, as every option, action and confirmation involved is vocalized synthetically by the application.

The application has a built-in emergency alarm that can be activated with either a switch or with voice when assistance is needed. Built-in alarms in home appliances can also be controlled in a similar fashion.

DialoQ Mobile has an automatic call answering feature for both voice and video calls. This way caring personel or a family members can always reach the user, even if the user is unable to answer the call manually.

If the user finds it difficult to generate speech, all the basic functions of the application are still usable through switch-based controls. All the basic functions are also available in an offline state.

DialoQ Mobile’s speech recognition is powered by the Q-Framework platform developed by Code-Q.

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Product category: Alternative input devices, Speech input and speech control systems

DialoQ Desktop – Computer Assistant

DialoQ Desktop is a accessibility software that enables fully speech controlled Windows PC. It eliminates the need of mouse and keyboard use and instead works through speech commands.

DialoQ Desktop enables mouse pointer movements, mouse button functions, shortcuts for Windows and other applications, as well as text input via either a voice controlled keyboard, spelling mode or dictation based service. Dictation is using Code-Q’s Q-Framework new neural network based dictation service.

Speech recognition is speaker independent, meaning the user is not required to teach speech to the application prior to use. Over time the application will automatically adapt to understand the user’s speech more accurately.

DialoQ Desktop includes lots speech commands to ease your computer access. Application includes speech controlled build-in help. Example usecases for speech control include browsing the internet, handling mediafiles and using the social media, as well as working with office-tools and reading ebooks. The application has been designed with ease of use in mind.  All the basic functions are also available in an offline state.

For visually impaired users speech feedback using text-to-speech service is included. DialoQ Desktop verifies all recognized commands and for example dictation results with speech.

DialoQ Desktop’s speech recognition is powered by the Q-Framework platform developed by Code-Q.

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About us

Company details

Code-Q Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2013. We design and manufacture technology related to speech recognition, accessibility software, as well as offering consulting services for specialized software.

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