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Hase Bikes Dipl.-Ing. Marec Hase

Hiberniastr. 2, 45731 Waltrop
Telephone +49 2309 9377-0
Fax +49 2309 9377-201

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REHACARE 2019 hall map (Hall 4): stand G61

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REHACARE 2019 fairground map: Hall 4

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  • 04  Aids for children
  • 04.05  Bicycles for kids

Bicycles for kids

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.03  Electric vehicles and scooters
  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.06  Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

Bicycles, handbikes, tricycles

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.19  Tandems


  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.02  Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • 07.02.20  Equipment for bicycles

Equipment for bicycles

Our products

Product category: Electric vehicles and scooters


KETTWIESEL ALLROUND – engineered for cornering fun
The one-of-a-kind “KETTWIESEL feeling” comes from its go-kart agility and tight turning circle.

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Product category: Electric vehicles and scooters


The KETTWIESEL CROSS STEPS: the delta trike for up and down and whoopee!
The recumbent all-terrain trike, the off-road delta, or the daredevil of the HASE BIKES family – this is the CROSS. The KETTWIESEL CROSS.

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Product category: Electric vehicles and scooters


KETTWIESEL EVO STEPS: The symbiosis of sportiness and comfort
As a recumbent trike with a Shimano motor and sumptuous suspension, the KETTWIESEL EVO STEPS is a luxury-class delta.

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Company news



21 Aug 2019

Hase Bikes introduces the new Trets: Children's trike and therapeutic bike

Hase Bikes introduces the second generation of its multitalented children’s trike: The new Trets is even better, even cooler.

The Trets from Hase Bikes is an ingenious therapeutic trike for kids, even in the most challenging cases. The new Trets has been redeveloped from the ground up, boasting improved handling, greater adaptability and a lower frame for easier mounting and dismounting.

Just step over and take a seat. The child’s hands rest naturally on the handlebar grips, keeping the shoulders in a relaxed position. After their feet are strapped quickly and securely into the pedals with toe clips and straps, they’re ready to roll. The only problem is convincing them to take a break now and then: with the new Trets, kids from 3’3” (1 m) in height – with or without disabilities – can experience the thrill and exhilaration of triking with loads of comfort and safety. In terms of looks, the Trets has never been so sporty. No one would guess that, in many countries, it will actually be listed as a therapeutic appliance with a medical-aid number and a wide range of accessories for kids with special needs.

The Trets as a therapeutic trike
The frame of the new Trets is significantly lower, and the standard model comes with under-seat steering. Both of these features make it much easier to get into and out of the seat. The bottom bracket with crank arms and pedals is now positioned lower to the ground for a better foot position. Shimano’s smooth-running 8-speed Nexus gear hub is low-maintenance and ensures a healthy cadence for little legs. The under-seat handlebars allow for a relaxed sitting position. The above-seat handlebars of the previous Trets version are still available as an option. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, the Trets can be adapted to the special needs of individual riders. Available accessories include single-hand controls, crank shorteners, special pedals, pendulum pedals and holders for walking sticks. This adaptability makes the Trets particularly well suited for children with neuromuscular conditions, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, who are unable to use conventional bicycles or vehicles, even with supporting wheels. The Trets is also suitable for children with coordination difficulties, balance disorders and restricted movement, e.g. associated with spasticity, paraplegia, dysmelia or amputations.

Adjustable without tools – safer riding
A trike for kids should be able to keep up with their growth spurts. The Trets fits riders from 3’3” (1 m) to 5’3” (1.6 m) in height and can be quickly and easily adjusted. In the past, the length could only be changed by extending the front boom. With the new Trets, length adjustment is as easy as sliding the seat into the right position: once you’ve opened the quick-release levers (no tools required), the seat can be not only pushed forwards or backwards within an adjustment range of 6 inches (15 cm), but also raised or lowered within a range of 4 inches (10 cm) or adjusted to a different angle. When larger changes are required, the complete seat frame can be released and slid into the appropriate position. In this case, a few tools are required. Owing to the new, lower frame with rear wheels that are further behind the seat and a larger front wheel (16 inch), the centre of gravity is further forward, which translates into more fun and safety. The Avid BB7 disc brakes guarantee reliable braking in any situation. The rear wheels are covered with spoke protectors and mudguards. And the modern LED lighting system with a rechargeable battery also works in trailer mode.

Easy to hitch – comfortable to push
But what can you do if the tour is too long, the traffic is too busy or the rider too tired? Simply open the quick-release, remove the front wheel, mount the tow bar to the frame of the new Trets and hitch it to the back of the towing bicycle. In a flash, the trike has been converted to a safe children’s trailer. Then your child can either relax in the seat or help with the pedalling. A special bonus: every new Trets comes with a tow bar.
The trike is also easy to push: just insert the guide bar at the rear of the frame, and you can take over the steering – and even braking – while walking behind the Trets.

Space-saving when parked – easy to transport
A trike is wider than a bike. So where can you park it? And how can you take it with you on holiday? The new Trets can be parked upright with its front wheel in the air in order to save space. And it’s also easy to transport. For example, it can be strapped onto your car’s rear-mounted or roof rack if it has three channels (one for each wheel). And if you want to transport the Trets in the boot of your car or in a train, you can easily remove the seat with no tools. If you also take off the front wheel, the trike can be shrunk to a transportable package with a width of 29 inches (73 cm), a height of 20 inches (52 cm) and a length of 52 inches (132 cm). With tools, you can even reduce the length to 45 inches (115 cm).

Available from January 2020
Price: starting at €3,790
Tow bar included (for use as trailer-bike)
Accessories include:
Guide bar with additional brake lever
Crank shorteners
Single-hand controls
Special pedals
Pendulum pedals
Holder for walking stick
Basket mount

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