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Principal 11, 28815 Fresno Del Torote

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REHACARE 2019 hall map (Hall 4): stand D45

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REHACARE 2019 fairground map: Hall 4


Rafael Vidal



+34 622 234 418


Enrique Gavilán

Sales & Marketing Mgr. Spain -Portugal

+34 678 68 84 15


Deborah Miranda

Sales & Marketing Mgr.

+33 6 21 80 16 25


Gisela Kuhfuss

Vertrieb & Marketing Mgr. Deutschland - Österreich - Schweiz

+49 177 2854304


Carmela Migliaccio

Sales & Markeking Mgr. - Italy

+39 333 48 71 319


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Medical care
  • 06.13  Compression stockings and systems

Compression stockings and systems

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.01  Walking aids
  • 07.01.02  Walking sticks

Walking sticks

  • 07  Mobility and walking aids
  • 07.01  Walking aids
  • 07.01.03  Crutches

Our products

Product category: Crutches

Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches

Best Forearm Crutches: lightweight, heavy duty, comfortable crutches

The lightest forearm crutch in the world, about 0,5 lbs, built on a one piece 100% carbon fiber frame standing 440lbs load.

With an exclusive curved and oval shape that allows a perfect regulation and anatomic adaptation, the continuous regulation of the handgrip and cuff improves the design, and avoids the annoying noises of the standard fixation systems. 

Also exclusive, is the ergonomic handgrip design which increases considerably the users comfort and avoids the known problems of walk easy forearm crutches:

- Keeps the natural position of the wrist, this suppresses the pain of the median an ulnar nerves. 

- Spreads the corporal pressure over the hand, avoiding the pain on the palm of the hand. 

- Improves the position of the thumb finger, decreasing or totally suppressing the hardness that appears due to a long-term use of crutches. 

Its tip of high friction coefficient rubber and Dupon, highly improves the safety of the user and decreases simultaneously the total weight. 

Crutches sizes

The INDESmed forearm crutch is fully adjustable simply moving the cuff and Hand-Grip along the curved area, but each size has been designed to maximize ergonomics and user comfort.

Each size relates to a user's height range; this way, for example, size L is intended for user's height between 70" and 72". 

You can see the relationship between user's height and crutches size on below table.

Ergonomic forearm crutches, NO Tendinitis guranteed or your money back!
We are completely sure that you will not suffer tendinitis with our ergonomic handgrip.

We are so confident about our patented design that we can say it loudly: NO tendinitis guaranteed or your money back!

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Product category: Crutches

Aluminium Walking Crutches

Walking crutches - simple and smart design

Now you can take advantage of all the ergonomic features of our carbon fiber crutches series just with some extra weight.

The INDESmed aluminium color crutches series keep the exclusive curved an oval frame, and are available on four amazing mate colors to fit your favourite style.

You will not suffer tendinitis during your recovery, and you won’t have pain in the hand as usually happens with standard crutches.

Keep being the coolest guy on town!

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Product category: Crutches

Crutches for Kids

Orthopedical Crutches for Kids

INDESmed crutches for kids keep the natural position of the child's wrist avoiding tendinitis and hand and arms pain.

Curved and oval shape allow a perfect regulation and anatomic adaptation; the continuous regulation of the handgrip allows them to adjust according to the height of your child. This increases the child's comfort.
Handle silicone covers are made of soft medical grade silicone (FDA certified).

These crutches are silent, with no clicks when walking.

Made of sturdy aluminum, tested according to EEC norms, INDESmed children's crutches are available in 4 amazing colors for the tube and can be combined with 4 colours for the handle and rubber ferrule.

They are adaptable to the millimeter to the height of the kid.

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Product category: Compression stockings and systems

Organic Bamboo Compression Socks

Certified graduated compression socks

Only gradual compression can properly improve blood flow and muscle oxigenation, pushing the returning blood from the bottom of your legs towards your heart. 

Their 25mmHg certified gradual compression will improve blood return and oxygenation on your legs. Relieve heavy and aching legs on daily use, and reduce muscle fatigue and vibration during sport practice.

Ankle swelling, varicose veins treatment

Avoid ankle swelling due to long flights or prolonged standing. 
Use only Gradual Compression socks to treat or prevent varicose veins. INDESmed compression socks will succesfully prevent varicose veins related to prolonged standing, and are indicated for treatment of: 

-Stage I, telangectasia or reticular veins. 
-Stage II, varicose veins with no symptoms or moderate symptoms.

Feel the extra comfort of  INDESmed compression socks, BAMBOO SmarTec® fabric is extremely resilient and durable, and softer than cotton feeling like cashmere.

Made of Bamboo, Nylon, cotton and elastan, BambooSmarTec® fabric is designed for people who demand professional gradual compression socks with extra wicking properties. 

Bamboo fiber natural properties are recommended for treatment of some skin changes due to venous disorders, such as eczema and dermatitis, specifically around the ankle area. 

The natural properties of Bamboo will keep your feet fresher. It's excellent hygroscopicity will evaporate quickly moisture, keeping the skin dry. 

Either if you are a professional athlete, you are under recovery, a frequent flyer, or you just are on your feet all day, this compression socks will definitely change your life!

Running socks and other sports

Compression socks are indicated for running but are highly recommended for other sports like biking or Nordic Walking reducing calf strain, muscle soreness, and recovering faster from hard workout. 

Wearing INDESmed's compression socks during a hard training will reduce fatigue on your legs and lower your HR; wearing them after hard workout will help elimination of lactic acid and toxins accumulated over the muscles.

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About us

Company data

Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Foundation 2012
Economic field
  • Medical Trade / Health Care Supply Store, Orthopaedy handicraft
  • Assistive technology industry, Other industrial branches
Focus of supply
  • Mobility aids, walking aids
  • Aids for children
  • Orthopedic aids