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REHACARE 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand J11

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REHACARE 2019 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.02  Dressing aids, undressing aids

Dressing aids, undressing aids

  • 01  Daily living aids (household, nutrition) and clothing
  • 01.15  Utensil holders, mounted and mobile

Utensil holders, mounted and mobile

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.03  Area of kitchen, bath and toilet
  • 03.03.01  Riser aids for toilet and shower

Riser aids for toilet and shower

  • 03  Barrier free living
  • 03.05  Other furnishing
  • 03.05.06  Portable handles

Portable handles

  • 04  Aids for children
  • 04.01  Bath fittings and accessories for kids

Bath fittings and accessories for kids

  • 04  Aids for children
  • 04.14  Therapy systems for kids
  • 09  Nursing care for in-patient and homecare
  • 09.03  Aids for care and hygiene
  • 09.03.04  Transfer systems

Our products

Product category: Portable handles, Utensil holders, mounted and mobile, Aids for vacation and travel

Mobile grab handles

The mobile handles are quick and easy to fit and just as easy to remove. Both vacuum pads with a diameter of 120 mm can be pressed simply on a flat, non-porous surface, turn on the vacuum rocker – that‘s it.

Useful accessories such as, shower positioner, double hooks, tub shortener or tray – as well as numerous other helping “Hands” round up the System Mobeli sensibly.

The field of application for all mobile telescopic handles can be enhanced considerably by clipping the hinged joint or angle joint adapter between the vacuum pad and the grip bar. Different angles can be achieved and a maximum of flexibility for positioning is made possible.

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Product category: Riser aids for toilet and shower, Transfer systems

Support system QuattroPower

Firm hold without drilling – in no time at all. You position the QuattroPower support system, flip the rocker arms – that’s it. You now have a reliable aid for getting up on all plane and pore-tight surfaces. The QuattroPower support systems are designed for a maximum user mass of 80 kg. The QuattroPower support handle can be mounted upwards or downwards. With its 4 suction pads, the (QP) QuattroPower support system distributes the lever forces acting on the wall. Advantage: It can even be attached to tiled cavit y walls (e.g. 2-layer plasterboard panelling),, thus eliminating the need for expensive rebuilding to reinforce the walls so that screw-on grab handles might be attached. Very popular near the wall is the combination of a QuattroPower support handle and a classic Mobeli handle (fixed size or telescopic).

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Product category: Dressing aids, undressing aids, Aids for vacation and travel

Small helpers, big impact

Mobile dressing hook for travelling. The mobile dressing hook can be swivelled sideways and fixed in 3 positions. Simply pull it upwards and let it engage in the new position.
The attachments are made of flexible material and can be exchanged. The housing is white – other colours are available on request. With attachments made of flexible material and a robust swivelling part made of stainless steel.

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Product category: Therapy systems for kids

Therapy support handle

The Stabi Horizontal stabilizes in the horizontal direction. The Stabi Horizontal stabilizes horizontally; Stabi Vario can be panned vertically, horizontally, or to the left or right at an angle of 45° as desired. The therapy support handle "Handy" is a perfect alternative for travelling. He is smaller than the regular support handle and fits in each bag.
For children. The 26 mm handle diameter is designed especially for small children's hands. The Stabi Daisy Horizontal has been conceived to stabilize the hand or to hold on for small children.

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Product category: Therapy systems for kids, Bath fittings and accessories for kids, Aids for vacation and travel

QuattroPower support Kid

QuattroPower Kid has been developed as a support handle for children for the toilet.
The handle diameter of 26 mm makes it ideal for small hands in kindergarten or other facilities (inclusion) and also at home.
The vacuum suction pads with the worldwide unique vacuum safet y indicator allow it to be quickly attached it at a suitable location and "grow" with the child. The handle may be locked with the TiltStop. The handle can be used both in upwards and downwards orientation. In upwards orientation, lateral support is possible.
When the child is big enough, the small grab bars can be replaced with the larger adult grab bars. See also QuattroPower Support for adults.

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Product category: Transfer systems

QuattroPower tub

Give yourself instantly a safe grip without drilling. Position the QuattroPower support system, press down the rocker, that‘s it. Now you have a reliable aid on flat and nonporous surfaces. Optimized for the bathtub: The QuattoPower tub is perfect for getting in and out of the tub. It can sustain pull or bearing loads of up to 50 kg‘s nominal load.

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Product category: Therapy systems for kids

Kids grab handle

In the development of the Mobeli system, ROTH GmbH has also thought of the “LITTLE ONES”. Particularly during their growth phase the Mobeli system can provide good services because the attachment of the grab handles grows in a flexible way with the needs the growing-ups. In the Mobeli KIDS version the grab handles have a diameter of only 26 mm instead of the usual standard diameter of 35 mm. Our Mobeli KIDS grab handle are available in two different lengths. Their grip diameter of 26 mm has been particularly designed for small hands. Not without my Mobeli. The mobile grab handle are ideal for travelling or on vacation – quickly disassembled, stowed away without taking up much space, and quickly reattached where they are needed.

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Product category: Bath fittings and accessories for kids, Aids for vacation and travel

Buth tub shortener

Bath tub shortener or tub tray. Both. Bath tub shortener with two suction pads. The position of the bath tub shortener is continuously adjustable and prevents getting submerged in the bath tub. Our bath tub shortener with three movable suction pads is suitable for substantially higher carrying loads. It can simply and without any tools be converted to the variant with two suction pads and to a bath tub tray. Handy and comfortable. Both bath tub shorteners are suitable for use as a tray – directly on the bath tub.

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Product category: Aids for vacation and travel

Shower head positioner

The Mobeli mobile Shower head positioner assists you in many situations of daily life. The helpful shower head positioner is alternatively available with or without flexible swivel arm. With swivel arm you have the shower head positioner always within your reach, even while sitting.

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Product category: Aids for vacation and travel

Two-finger holder

The Mobeli mobile Two-finger holder assists you in many situations of daily life. Flexible and versatile. For example, with the two mobile modules you can keep a hair dryer firmly in place. It serves as a third hand. Thus it becomes possible to independently take care of yourself also with reduced arm activity. The two-finger holder is also available with swivel arm adapter; thus the radius of action can be substantially increased.

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Product category: Aids for vacation and travel

Clip holder

The Mobeli mobile clip holder assists you in many situations of daily life. It is for example suitable for a razor, electrical toothbrush, hair dryer, telephone receiver and much more. With the assistance of the additionally attachable swivel arm the wall distance of our clip holder can be comfortably adjusted or simply swivelled away to a side if you desire.

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Product category: Aids for vacation and travel

Duo cane holder

The Mobeli mobile Duo cane holder assists you in many situations of daily life. If your canes lie far too often on the floor then the mobile duo cane holder can facilitate your life a lot. It can quickly be attached at the wall or on or under the desk top. Always quickly and safely, always without any tools. The receptacle of the Duo cane holder is suitable for all usual cane diameters.

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Product category: Aids for vacation and travel

Telescopic mirror

The Mobeli mobile Telescopic mirror assists you in many situations of daily life. A mirror that comes to me if I cannot go to the mirror. The mobile telescopic mirror – with or without LED light – is quickly and conveniently positioned. It make it possible for you to look into the mirror even while sitting, or it would prove very helpful with catheterization. The LED light clearly illuminates the mirror image if needed.

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Our trade marks

Company news



17 Sep 2019

ROTH MOBELI mobile handholds tested according to current standard 17966:2016 TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency)

ROTH MOBELI mobile hand grips have been TÜV SÜD tested since 2019 according to the current standard 17966:2016 and are now available with new higher maximum user weights.

In ISO 17966:2016, an essential requirement for mobile hand grips is that they should have an indication of the residual force.

Mobeli first exhibited the vacuum safety indicator at REHA CARE in 2009 and has been offering this innovation worldwide for its mobile handholds ever since.

Due to the changed standard definition, we are now using the new term of - maximum user weight - instead of the previous term nominal load.

Due to the changed test conditions, for example, our two-handle handle (1400225 S), which was previously marked with a nominal load of 75 kg, has now been marked with a maximum user weight of 100 kg. Further markings can be found in our brochure (pages 8+9).

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About us

Company portrait

An eye on your safety.
Mobeli – the innovative orginal
The term Mobeli is derived from the expression "MObility BEyond LImits", meaning "mobilit y across all limitations". The creators of the name thus wished to describe the task of the Mobeli system: grab handles and systems that assist people whose mobility is limited. Simple handling, a high degree of versatility, and user safety are always the guiding stars of all our product developments. In 2009, the Mobeli development team succeeded in presenting the first grab handle with safety display, which permanently checks the vacuum status and thus the holding force. A love of development, consistently tested quality, and an always open ear for our customers – that‘s what makes Mobeli what it is: The innovative original.