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SafeGranny by SafeVent SafeVent ApS

Mads Clausens Vej 6, 9800 Hjørring

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Product category: Advice in construction and housing


Safe Granny has a double-knock fire alarm system, which provides a high, reliable and addressable fire alarm. Safe Granny has more scope for resolving the issue of fire alarms. The system has a transmitter and a temperature gauge, which is always active and has the potential to be developed in the fire safety zones. This is the only way in which the control system has been set up. The double-knock system means that both the temperature sensor and the temperature gauge must have a record of the fire before it can be used for discussion purposes. In the case of radiation protection, monitoring will be carried out by means of backup batteries, which have a level of 48 hours. The Safety Granny is connected to a glass ampoule, which jumps from 57°C to the top of the 48-timer range and ends the discussion.

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Product category: Advice in construction and housing


Safe Granny is designed to protect the fire in the event of a fire as soon as possible and with a minimum fork from the fire. The conclusion is, at the very least, the same, but our additions include the parts in such a way that they provide a solution in the balance.
The parties take decisions and eliminate their lives to such an extent that they do so. Some practical tests have the benefit system, SafeGranny, which provides services for up to 10 seconds after activation. This means that many things are more effective than standard sprinkler systems, which are not designed to prevent people from smoking, but to prevent them from doing so. At the same time, of course, it is an important factor when it comes to combating fires.
In order to be a better solution to the problem of fire and sprinkler protection, the SafeGranny fire protection system has been in place for some time now, rather than a complete sprinkler system. This means that the fire brigade ban with a lock is significantly reduced.

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Product category: Advice in construction and housing

Rauch detector

The zoning in the form of an element that is integrated into the ventilation panels must also have a power factor that is also connected to the activation system - this requires a double-knock system. The power sector is linked to the control panel, which will be used for the rest of the time with the strings. The Rose Headings should be located in the rummet centre, but they should not cover an area of more than 30m2.

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Safe Granny must be given the opportunity to save lives, to fight against fires and to make the lives of people and the environment safer in this day and age.

The typical tasks of a person need to be more focused, if farmers' governments or leaders of the system are to have medicines that do not provide farmers with the opportunity to take action, because that is where the fires take place, both for themselves and for others.