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Romatem Physical Therapy Hospitals

Kükürtlü Mah. Mudanya Cad. 65, 16080 Osmangazi/ Bursa
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Product category: Rehabilitation and cure facilities

Spinal Decompression System (DRX 9000C)

Apart from these classical treatments, the methods based on the withdrawal of the disc space which causes problems in gravity-free environment by means of computer system, called Spinal Decompression System, are promising. In this method, the pressure between the discs is reduced and the damaged area is fed during the 30-minute treatment. Gradually injured disc is recovered, pressure on the disc is relieved and pressure on the nerves is relieved. The success rate is 75% depending on the location and size of the disc.

While reducing pain with all these methods, waist and abdominal muscles should be strengthened with personalized exercises and continuation of well-being should be ensured. Exercise practices in water increase compliance with the program and accelerate the process.

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Product category: Rehabilitation and cure facilities

DIERS formetric 4D ( 4D Spine & Posture Analysis system )

The DIERS formetric 4D analysis system permits rapid static and dynamic (functional) optical measurement of the human back and spine. The procedure is radiation-free and operates without contact. Numerous clinical parameters for objective analysis of body statics, posture, scoliosis, and all forms of spinal deformities can be shown. The new 4D technology leads into functional clinical measurement technology, to increase measurement precision (4D averaging) and to avoid postural variances.

The formetric system has been in development for more than 25 years at various universities and institutes in cooperation with our customers. The development began with the objective of reducing the high x-ray load on patients being followed for scoliosis and developing a procedure which offers a replacement for x-rays.

Over the years, the application spectrum was greatly expanded. New applications such as control measurements of shoe inlay function or testing equalisation of leg length inequality were developed, and new target groups such as dentists, osteopaths etc. were opened up. The 4D technology which was developed in cooperation with leading European universities and is registered for a patent is currently in use in the DIERS formetric 4D and allows functional analysis and locomotion studies of the spine, shoulder, pelvis etc.


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Product category: Rehabilitation and cure facilities

ESWT ( Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy)

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy or ESWT is an 18-minute non-surgical procedure used to cure chronic plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, and other chronic tendinopathies.
Lithotripsy, a similar shock wave therapy procedure, is used regularly for breaking up and dispersing kidney stones. When urologists found that patients who had the kidney stone procedure presented with increased bone density and new tissue growth, the possibilities of shock wave therapy were revisited.

ESWT benefits patients because their condition can be treated extracorporeally, meaning outside of the body. Because the treatment is non-invasive many of the expenses and risks of surgery are eliminated. Excellence Shock Wave Therapy uses the Dornier EPOS Ultra for all our orthopedic ESWT procedures

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