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Scoliologic LLC

Stasovoy 1 St., 195253 St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

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REHACARE 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand E23

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REHACARE 2019 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 08  Orthopedic aids
  • 08.03  Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Our products

Product category: Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Upper limbs prosthetics

The meaning of hands in a person’s life cannot be overestimated. The hand is not just an organ for performing labor, but also a creative organ, moving the person further down the evolutionary path. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we observe a huge amount of reasons why a person may lose his or her hands fully or in part. Under such complicated circumstances, a person’s only hope is a prosthesis.

At medical center, prosthetic care is a complex undertaking. It entails the manufacture of high-quality prosthesis responding to the most contemporary requirements; training to use a prosthesis and workouts; full-fledged professional psychologist support, and orientation of the patient on feeling his or her uniqueness and significance in the world of healthy people.

The main component of this complex work is the manufacture of the high-quality prosthesis. All prosthesis manufactured at the center respond to the most modern world requirements. The main way that this concerns the medical component of the prosthesis is with a prosthetic and carrying socket. Prosthetic sockets manufactured out of HTV silicon provide for reliable fixation of prosthesis, absorb the shock loads on the stump, provide a positive effect on the cicatrices, and give the patient the feeling of stability, comfort, and even “a feeling of coziness”

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Product category: Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Lower limbs prosthetics

To date, the problem of prosthesis of the lower limbs does not lose its relevance. The main reason for the manufacture of prostheses are injuries. Their share among all pathologies about 70%. Other causes are obliterating diseases of lower extremities, diabetes mellitus and cancer.

Our center provides the full medical-technical cycle of manufacturing prostheses of the lower limbs. The basis of this process is the teamwork of doctors and technicians, and a fully individual approach to each patient.

Important step in the manufacture of the prosthesis is the creation of an intermediate transparent casings made of thermoplastic. This stage allows to increase the efficiency of the process and the accuracy of fit of the final product. We use various types of modern components, including nodes with an external source of energy and bionic control. prosthetics are manufactured on modern equipment. Fitting, alteration and rehabilitation of patients is carried out in the same building in a specially-equipped room. We also provide psychological support and support in the preparation of documents to governmental authorities.

Among the most promising methods is the production of liners of the thigh according to the method of Marlo, and also, the creation of cases of HTV-silicone with the possibility of active work of the muscles.

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Product category: Orthoses and harnesses for extremities

Upper and lower limbs orthotics

The creation of orthotics is a technical manufacturing process that is applied for attachment, release, correction, and activation of functions as well as cosmetics in the event of pathological conditions of limb segments and the body.

The main objective of orthotics in the center is the development and manufacture of devices for the lower limbs and the body. Such orthotics is applied for verticalization of patients in the event of CP and other neuropathologies inborn in the spine and the cerebrum, as well as cerebral crises and injuries.
In the event of the creation of orthotics, we apply contemporary materials, such as low-pressure plastic, carbon materials, and acrylic cold solidification resins. Lying at the foundation of the devices are hinges, springs, and casts produced by us. A whole array of modules for adults and children alike is produced.

Aside from devices, we produce high-tech ergonomic foot holders, braces, and stage redressment devices. We also actively apply hinges technology with interacting movements implemented in the RGO system, which allows for patients’ rehabilitation with paralysis and palsy.

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About us

Company portrait

We are a team in which every employee plays his own role, each person is unique and interested in attaining results, and meanwhile, the result is improving the life quality of our patients!

The company is a modern medical scientific production organization that deals with the rehabilitation of orthopedic profile patients of any age.
The best minds and hands work together, providing for the ability to improve the life quality of our patients all over the world, together creating innovative solutions.

We are a team of like-minded thinkers with an active life stance and we are proud of the results our work produces!

We are a team of medical and technical specialists, which practices, improves, and invents novelties in the fields of orthopedic, traumatology, prosthetic care, and orthotics.

Our areas of concentration:

Conservative treatment of progressing deformations in the spin via the corset manufacturing methods of J.-J. Chéneau and respiratory Schroth gymnastics
The conservative treatment of compression fractures in the spine with the help of special (hyperextension) corsets.
High-tech prosthetic care of the upper and lower limbs using our own developments and front-running world technologies.
The development, advancement, and integration of new technologies into people’s daily lives in the field of prosthetics and orthotics.