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Company news



18 May 2022

OMOBIC wheel bags - BAGG

Difficulties with transporting the wheelchair wheels are over. We have OMOBIC wheel bags in different types and sizes!

OMOBIC wheel bags are the perfect solution for wheelchair users for whom the look and functionality are important.

The OMOBIC wheel bags are intended for:

  • transportation while travelling. Wheels stored inside the bag will not be scratched by the frame of the wheelchair and will not be damaged during the transport
  • keeping the car – or other means of transportation - clean when travelling
  • storage of extra sets of wheels

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10 May 2022

Support and sponsorship of Wheelchair Rugby - Polish National Team

Since 2021, MBL Group is a partner of the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Union. Under the framework of liaison, we ensure a technical support to the players during the contests of the Polish Cup. Along with the Management of the union, several other projects are also handled.

Liaison of MBL with the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Team

MBL's mission statement is: "To design, develop, manufacture and market quality products within our business area that improves mobility and the quality of life for people".

Due to the above, the activation of wheelchair users who additionally do sports is perfectly marching into our strategy. Thus, in 2021, we decided  to undertake a complex liaison with the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Team.

  • MBL ensures a technical support during the contests under the framework of the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Championship. We centre wheels, exchange tubes and provide other ongoing repairs so that the game could run smoothly and without any problems
  • We cooperate with the contestants of the National Team within the scope of tests of our products of the new brand OMOBIC and other activities, such as unforgettable photo shoot.
  • In a close cooperation with the engineers and players, we manufacture wheels for wheelchair rugby for our National Team
  • We support the Polish National Team during the European Wheelchair Rugby Championship.

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02 May 2022

OMOBIC Tyres - fore everyone

Gazelle, Speedlite and Trailblazer are the answer to the market and user demand for quality tyres for various purposes.

All of the OMOBIC wheelchair tyres have a puncture-resistant layer to ensure the user a safe ride. Each model offers different benefits to the user.


This is an ultralight and elegant looking tyre for users who often remove the wheels from their wheelchair and for users who are looking for a tyre with minimum rolling resistance.
OMOBIC Gazelle weighs only 205 g (size 24'').

The use of Kevlar bead wires instead of traditional steel wires not only makes the tyre very light – it also makes the tyre foldable and therefore suitable for taking along on trips.


Our Speedlite tyre is a very popular choice for everyday use - being both light, easy rolling and durable at the same time.

The Speedlite 24” tyre weighs only 265 g and is enhanced with a strong 15 mm wide protection belt made of natural rubber (PTR).

The Speedlite tyres are available in various sizes from 20'' to 26''.


This type of a tyre features a thick tread which is ideal for more difficult terrain.

It owes its exceptional strength and puncture resistance to the use of a wider protective belt made of natural rubber (PTR) with an increased width of 18 mm and a height of 4.5mm, as well as to steel bead wire reinforcement.

The TRAILBLAZER tyres are available in various sizes from 20'' to 26''.

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30 Apr 2022

MBL closer to NA customers

In MBL we strive to be close to our customers and to respond to their needs.In 2018 we opened the MBL NA warehouse in Pennsylvania.

To be able to provide our North American customers with an even better service we have since 2018 had a warehouse in Pennsylvania. We call our division in North America “MBL NA”.

MBL NA is already appreciated by our regular customers from North America, and we hope to service more customers who are interested in cooperating with us.

MBL NA benefits:

  • Convenient location - the warehouse is situated in the state of Pennsylvania within 800 miles from strategic points such as Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal.
  • Better service for North American companies
  • Short time of delivery - up to 5 weekdays
We are looking forward to working with our customers, and we do our best to support our customers in driving their business forward.

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13 Apr 2022

News from MBL production

The manufacturing plants in Poland and China, the extension of the production area and new machinery is planned. Everything for customers!

Production capabilities of MBL and MBL’s technologies  

The surface of the manufacturing plants in MBL amounts at present to 24 000 sqm in Poland (including 20.000m2 – being the production area and warehouse) and 28 000 sqm in China (including 22. 000 sqm – being the production area and warehouse). In 2022, we are planning to enlarge the production area by 3 000 sqm in Poland.
Due to regular investment in the machinery and rationalisations of the processes, currently the following technologies are handled in-house: 
  • manufacturing of polyurethane and rubber
  • injection moulding of plastics
  • low-pressure and high-pressure aluminium casting
  • pressing, forging and machining
  • laser cutting of metal sheets and tubes
  • milling, CNC turning
  • 3D tubes bending and CNC metal bending
  • welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium
  • hardening, metal heat treatment
  • assembly lines compliance with the Lean philosophy
  • textiles treatment: design, cutting, sewing, supersonic merging
  • production of moulds and tools – injection moulds of aluminium, plastics, moulding jigs, welding jigs, testing jigs
  • extensive testing resources
The newest investment in machinery
To meet the requirements of our customers, numerous steps were taken to expand and modernise our machinery park. In 2021, the following investments were undertaken by MBL:
  • Mitshubishi Laser with an automatic uploading system  – enabling for cutting metal sheet at various shapes
  • 3D tubes bending machine – thanks to which each tube or profile may be freely bent
  • Tilt and Lift assembly lines with a manipulator – a production line designed and handled by us in-house according to the needs and assumptions of the Lean program
  • 5-axle DMG milling machine – which enables to move item during the treatment in 5 axles
  • Robodrill – 3-axles milling machine

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30 Mar 2022

OMOBIC Twin - offroad wheels

The OMOBIC Twin wheel is developed especially for wheelchairs fitted with a power add-on system. This wheel will take you anywhere!

Why is it worth to choose Twin wheels for the wheelchair?
Twin type wheels are two off-road wheels in one. They have been designed to be used primarily with wheelchairs fitted with a power add-on system, also known as e-bike. An electric attachment and OMOBIC Twin wheels is an excellent combination for having a ride in the forest or in the park.

Due to its construction – i.e. the combination of two off-road wheels in one, OMOBIC Twin wheels are also excellent to be used at the beach. The contact point of the twin wheel with the surface is approx. 12 cm, thus ensuring great stability also while being used on the sand.

Due to their primary designation, in standard, Twins are available without pushrims, in order for the wheelchair not to be additionally extended. Yet, we also offer a version equipped in pushrims, should such a version be preferred by someone.
The wheels are adjusted to cambering, for even greater comfort of the user.

OMOBIC Twin wheel was designed and developed along with the wheelchair users. Its construction was designed based on numerous consultancies with a group of people moving on wheelchairs, and the ready wheel was tested by them. It attracts great interest!

Below you will find a detailed information on OMOBIC Twin wheels:

• Wheel size - 24’’
• Construction: a combination of 2 off-road wheels OMOBIC Challenger
• Fitted in 2 off-road wheels
• Each standard wheel consists of 36 steel spokes of the diameter of 2,3mm
• Application of extended QR-axle to off-road wheels
• Available options with or without pushrims

More information you will find on our website:

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09 Mar 2022

OMOBIC Haka rugby wheels

A success achieved in association with the Polish National Team of Wheelchair Rugby. Rugby wheels are ready!

Haka wheels – How did it start?
The mission of MBL is "to improve the mobility and quality of human life". Thus, when beginning talks with the Polish Association of Wheelchair Rugby, we were wondering how can we help the players to activate them and support them even more, in order for them to be even better in the sport discipline practised by them. And we have got the answer: Manufacture the best wheels for us! And this is what we have done.

Thanks to being a technical sponsor of the Polish National Team of Wheelchair Rugby, we could observe the players while playing and talk with them about their needs. As a result of talks and numerous consultancies, OMOBIC HAKA wheels – wheels for Wheelchair Rugby were designed. The wheels made for the players, along with the players! Today, Haka wheels are used by the entire Polish National Team of Wheelchair Rugby, provided by MBL. We are glad that we could help!

What distinguishes Omobic Haka Rugby wheels?

The new generation of OMOBIC HAKA wheels. Resistant and comfortable in use!

• 24 thickened carbon fibre spokes (D=3,7mm)
• Pushrims – one of the strongest and the best on the market
• Spokes cover – recommended by the players
• Available in several fastening options – adjusted to rugby wheelchairs available at the market (1/2’’, 5/8’’, 25mm)
• Available in 25’’ and 24’’ size

Since there are two types of players in the Wheelchair Rugby, the wheels adjusted to their role at the pitch were designed:

Haka Defence – for the defenders. Designed to give players more control over the wheelchair, while preventing to enter the rugby goal by the offensive player.
Special significance due to a lizard pushrim, which surface must be adhesive.

Haka Attack – for offensive players. Their construction is to prevent to catch the player who is riding with a ball towards the rugby goal. Thus, the wheels may not have any protruding elements that could be caught by the opponent to stop the offensive player.

What is OMOBIC? These are high quality components such as wheels, front wheels, pushrims, forks, brakes for active users. More information is available on our website.

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01 Mar 2022

MBL in solidarity with Ukraine

A few days ago, Ukraine was attacked by Russia. As a result of the war, not only military targets are being attacked but also private homes are being bombed and many innocent civilians have died. The citizens of Ukraine now live in constant danger and deep fear.

In an act of desperation many mothers with children seek refuge in Poland. As a result of the war, one of the basic human needs - the need to feel safe and protect the people you love, is being violated. We must do our best to help them find comfort in this traumatic time.

At MBL, we stand with the people from Ukraine! We do not agree on violations of fundamental human rights. That is why we show solidarity with Ukraine and support its citizens on various levels:

• We conduct internal collection of gifts for refugees from Ukraine
• Our vans are available to coordinators of donation collections in Piotrków Trybunalski.
• We provide packaging, which will help coordinators in segregating products.
• In cooperation with our customers, we donate wheelchairs to help refugees. 
• We have offered our help and support to our colleagues of Ukrainian origin.
• We ceased cooperation with clients from Russia and Belarus

We are looking for more ways to help.

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